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The Hotel San Jose has entrances off the street, dark and green pathways that lead to one’s room. If this had been an ordinary hotel, I’d have walked in through a brightly lit, cavernous lobby, through which I’d have had to walk a long path to the elevators… with glitter on my face and arms, sparky toe nail polish, and blue hair.
I am the plaything of fate — and two little girls.
My visit tonight to the “Be You” Salon was preceded by rollerskating. The trick is not to stop. Then, my first ever dinner at an Indian restaurant, which surprised me by being really good!
I know I’m really supposed to be here visiting my friend Sara, but I feel like it’s become all about the kids, which is just amazing — it’s so great to be so loved by these girls, and it just makes me feel like… well, someone should start a vacation company where you just hang around smart, funny, talented, and adorable kids for a week. It’s completely exhausting and yet, completely exhilarating.
Everyone should try surrendering themselves to the innocence and wackiness of kids sometime.


  • I am an uncle many times over and cannot express how much I enjoy being an uncle. Better yet out of our large family I am the ‘cool’ uncle. I’ve had 18 neices and neph’s grow up and currently they are all 20-25 and I am watching them fly off on thier own.

    While I would never have children myself, I have very much enjoyed raising (spoiling) these kids. And they rewarded me with love, affection, hours of laughter and a million smiles.

  • First time ever with Inidan food????!!!!
    It is great. I really like the tortilla / pita type bread they give you. It’s not really for taste, but as a defense mechanism. You and I were both weened on spicy Mexican food so you’d think we’d be used to it, but Indian food takes the hot, hot, hot cake.

    One of the things I really miss about living in the Big City is the only culinary adventure I have is the local Chinese buffet.

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