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This is smaller government

I don’t often lift blog entries in their entirety, but this one from Boing Boing makes a point:

Ned Sublette says:
as new orleans, now exclusively populated by a starving, parched skeleton crew of the abandoned descendants of slaves, comes apart at the seams:
the right has gotten their wish. they successfully made government ineffective. this is what happens when you take away the power of government. the point of effective government is to keep this from happening to society. and there is no better poster boy for the ineffectivity of government than the sitting president.

the literal meaning of homeland security is that you secure the land you live on, no? by now the absolute vacuum of leadership is becoming apparent even to TV viewers.

in his eerie disconnectedness to what’s going on around him, isn’t it starting to seem like bush is heavily medicated? he’s *zonked*, right?

do they have him take these long vacations so they can change his meds? what’s going on here?

he’s got to go. he’s got to go *now*.

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