Just As I Thought

This is no time for macho men

I just should not be watching reports from the Gulf Coast. I just keep getting weepy, which is just not what a man is supposed to be.
But I feel like I need to be a witness to the horror, for these people.
But what upset me most just now was a report on Dateline NBC, where they told the story of an animal shelter where the staff stacked the cages up high hoping that the animals would be above the waters… and yet, it wasn’t high enough, and more than 20 animals drowned. The remaining animals survived by treading water for up to 6 hours in their cages.
The horror of being locked in a cage, a cage that is then inundated with water… everytime I think of it I start to cry. I’m a 39-year-old man, and I’m sitting here crying thinking of those poor animals.

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