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It’s a sickness, I tell you

imageYou knew this would happen.
I got my iPod nano this morning when the store opened.
It’s the curse of the early adopter, the horrible compulsion to be the first person on your block to have the latest gadget. A terrible, terrible curse that forces me to frantically seek out the latest and newest.
I have to say that this nano is gorgeous, though. It’s so slick and tiny (it’s so small I don’t even have anything here to compare it to in order to impress upon you how small it is) and neat, it’s like Star Trek tech come to life. It certainly appears to be something from the 24th century. In one fell swoop, in that inimitable Apple way, they’ve made everything that came before look dowdy and old.
It’s amazing to me the way Apple has made computers and technology fashionable. In my quest to have the latest and coolest gadget, I’m no different from a person who drops hundreds on the latest jeans or shoes, then dumps them for newer fashions soon after. Apple has elevated tech design to an art form, and it’s incredible to me that no other company has managed to create the same kind of phenomenon around their products. Are they just not trying? Or does Apple have some secret to the way they do this?
I’ll be working at home today, as usual — tons of work to do before I leave for DC next Tuesday — but I’ll be bopping to my nano while I do it.

Oh, before I close: a couple of negatives about the nano already. First, it won’t sync using Firewire, it wants USB. (It will charge via Firewire, though.) Second, it comes with a little plastic thingy that adapts accessories using the dock connector to fit this very small iPod. Problem is, that adaptor doesn’t fit the Apple dock.

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