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Horror and cynicism

The disasters on the Gulf Coast are just so horrifying. I am making a concerted effort to live life without thinking of it, but that makes me just think of it more… and makes me feel guilty.
But thinking about it hurts too much. Thinking of people trapped and drowned, thinking of animals suffering and drowning unable to save themselves because they are trapped somewhere. It’s the type of horror that we never expect to see in America. And yet, here it is.
In typical American fashion, it’s been made into a media spectacular. This morning I was pissed off at CNN, when they “rescued” a dog live on the air — it was in a pet crate under a few beams from a collapsed building, and the CNN crew obviously waited to get it out until they had the live shot ready to air.
Horror and cynicism. That’s what our country is all about now.

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