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Uncommon cold

Was it the change of weather? Did I get it from Jon’s boyfriend, or from one of the thousands who attended DC Shorts? Or did it come from being on the closed environment of the plane?
Whatever the cause, here I sit with a raw throat, runny nose, and congestion.
At the same time, I have a couple of projects that must be finished by Monday, including a video project, and i’ve been sitting in front of the computer sneezing and wheezing.
It really brings my solitude into sharp relief — while I didn’t have very, well, active friends back in DC, I at least could have expected my wonderful neighbor Danielle to stop by to make sure I was OK and bring some kind of gourmet delicacy she whipped up.
Here, no one, as Jann has gone to Illinois for a week and I am quite literally alone here.
Oh, remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned F., the new interest in my life? Remember how I didn’t want to jinx it? Too late.
We went hiking last month, and that night I called him up and left a message; then followed it up with an email. And I never heard from him again.
Until today. He called to ask if I wanted to be “just friends.” I questioned him as to why he didn’t ask me a month ago instead of just dumping me like that. He had no answer.
I told him I’d still go hiking with him sometime, and tried to behave like the nice guy I sometimes am… but now I realize that I should have just said no and hung up.
Me, the doormat.
Anyway, just me and two dogs here, sipping on some hot tea and coughing, coughing, coughing and watching some 1953 sci-fi film with lots of theremins in it.

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