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What was #51?

Speaking of theremins and sci-fi, Boston.com has created a list of the top 50 sci-fi shows of all time. Of course, by making the list so long, they’ve really kind of made the list pointless. I mean, number 50 is Earth: Final Conflict, which was really forgetable — c’mon now, you forgot it, didn’t you? Number 46: That was Then. Ever hear of that one? And excuse me, but Futurama is way down at number 41?? A whole ten less than Alien Nation?
I must say that I’m happy Dr. Who made it into the top ten at number 8, but they neglect to mention that the show is still in production today, saying that it ended in 1989 (while using a photo from the 1996 TV movie).
What’s most surprising about this list is that the weak Star Trek: Voyager rates a mention, but Deep Space Nine, perhaps the best-written and most thought-provoking of the Star Treks was absent.
Like any list, the writers probably are in for a lot of arguments about their rankings.

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