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Cynical Makeover

Maybe I’m just too cynical. Or perhaps it’s because the world is so full of sadness and horror these days.
But does it seem to you that the various cast members of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are just too maudlin, faking too much emotion, overwhelmingly overacting in the whole “looking sympathetic” department?
The whole thing has gone so over the top that it seems to be just slamming the viewer with “inspiring stories” and so forth.
One other question: of course, they pick admirable people to receive the home makeover, but all the people they pick own homes. Their lives may be hard, they may be giving and selfless… but they are still doing well enough to own real estate.
What about the people who are selfless and good and help their fellow man, and are seriously needy themselves, and can’t afford a home?
Just wondering.
Cynicism. It’s what’s for dinner.


  • Silly man, I thought you were smart? Maybe the flu is clouding your judgement.

    Extreme Makover home addition has nothing, NOTHING to do with helping family’s in need and has everything to do with advertising, product placement, market share and ratings.

    If you’re looking for someone that helps non-homeowners to become homeowners its called, Habitat for humanity and they build homes for people that can’t affford one.

    Of course they can’t pull a 3.7 Nielson rating so they don’t get a show every week.

  • True… what was more distracting than the product placement was the blurring of all the logos who didn’t pay to be featured on the show.

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