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An open letter to retailers

Can I ask what possesses you to stock shelves with holiday items earlier and earlier each year?
Case in point: was it really necessary to start stocking Halloween candy two months before the day? Experience suggests that Americans are not the kind of people who stock up on items early or keep a stockpile of anything on hand; and frankly, I’d rather not give visiting trick-or-treaters chocolate that’s been sitting there for the better part of 6 months, preservatives or not.
What this all means is that people like me, visiting the grocery store for a simple bag of cough drops, are dazzled by the array of brightly colored and highly priced jumbo bags of candy, lifting one of the monstrous plastic bags into the shopping basket without a second thought, without realizing that Halloween is more than a month away.
And another thing: would it be so hard to put a cough suppressant into Runts candy? Hmm?

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  • Halloween? get with it, you’re falling behind. They were putting together a Christmas isle the last time I went in a Dept store and that was two weeks ago!

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