Just As I Thought

The house across the street

Last night as I sat in my living room, I kept seeing bright flashes of light out of the corner of my eye. I puzzled as to what could be causing this phenomenon — an emergency vehicle on the street? Planes flying low over the hill? Someone taking flash photos?
Tonight, I discovered that the latter was the truth, but only because the flashing started again. What in the world could be going on, I wondered? Finally, when taking Diego out for a stroll, I discovered that there was a complete photographic setup in place across the street from me — not just a guy with a camera, but a bunch of those reflective umbrella things with lights, glimpsed through the open window, flooding the entire street with light every time the flash went off.
I have no idea what is happening in that house, but as I am always rushing hellbent toward the most pessimistic answer, I say that there’s some kind of porn shoot going on across the street.


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