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$21,000? I’ll take two.

Thom points out the announcement of the 2006 model year Prius, igniting once again that flame of necessity in my early-adopter brain. I had to have the original model back in 2000 before anyone else, and was pretty successful there; then in 2003 my status as a Prius Pioneer meant that I got first dibs on the current model. But I’ve been driving it for 2 years now, and that label “2004” is so… last year. Could I? Should I? I mean, I can afford to buy the thing, and I’m sure that my extremely low mileage 2004 model would sell in a heartbeat, but… is the allure of a leather interior, a back-up camera, and a convenient jack for my iPod really worth the effort? Worth the paperwork, the licensing, the wait at the DMV, and the insurance cost? My current Prius is gloriously perfect save a small scratch in the paint on the rear bumper. I mean, the interior still has a hint of new car chemical, and I even keep a little duster in the glove box. (Pity I’m not that fastidious when it comes to my home.)
If I was still living in Arlington, my pals at Alexandria Toyota would fix me up. But the people here at Capitol Toyota (ironic name, that) don’t know me from Adam. Would they understand me?
Nah. There are people out there homeless, there are people in my own family whose cars are falling apart and in danger of rendering them unable to get to work. My current car is like new, and is still state-of-the-art… I feel guilty enough already with my current situation, why exacerbate it with a shiny new vehicle? Unless, of course, I find an efficient and useful electric scooter to shuttle me back and forth on my errands without burning gas…

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