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Remember all those years ago, when local news programs actually had opening titles? Cheesy footage of camera men out in the streets, fuzzy film animation of the station logo chroma-keyed in, perhaps using state of the art Scanimate animation? Still photos of the news team? Those days are over. Now a news opening is only a few seconds, cut down to the bare minimum to squeeze in more “fork in the eye” stories and commercials.
For some bizarre reason, I have TV news themes littering my hard disk, so let’s take a look at one particular station and how its theme has changed over a decade.
In what may be a standing record, Washington’s WRC-TV 11pm news theme was a whopping 35 seconds long (inclusive of the station ID) in 1982.
The cheesy disco-era themes gave way to more orchestrated versions in the late 80s and early 90s, then made a swift turn toward, well, stock music crap in the mid 90s.
By 1994, the theme music for WRC news broadcasts was down to a pointless five seconds. It’s been there ever since.

WRC News Themes Retrospective 1981-1994 [3:50]
(You can listen to more WRC news themes over on my weird audio site, Cacophony.)

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  • My favorite WRC theme is the smooth sounding one with the vibraphones they sometimes close the 6pm show on Fridays when they have time to roll credits. I believe it is called “The Reporter”. I was searching for that track and found your website.

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