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Say hello to “Harry”

If there’s one thing that the Bush administration appointees have in common, it’s inexperience.
Like Brownie, the inexperienced FEMA head. Johnny, the conservative scholar who had only a few years on the bench yet was appointed Chief Justice. There’s Bush himself, who couldn’t even name any foreign leaders.
And now, his pick to replace Sandra Day O’Connor, Harriet Miers — a woman who has never been a judge.
Her claim to fame? Being Dubya’s personal attorney. One can only speculate about the secrets she knows from his past. Her role in this administration? Like Alberto Gonzalez, as White House Counsel she was responsible for finding legal justification for the “war on terrorism” as well as recommending and vetting candidates for the judiciary.
Where John Roberts, despite his conservative credentials, was at least qualified through his high levels of education and at least some time on the bench, this nominee seems like yet another unqualified example of the Bush nepotism system — loyalty pays off big at the Bush White House.
And by choosing someone who’s never been a judge, why, there’s no record of her rulings to fight over! No one knows what she may or may not do. Can’t wait to see how this one goes — the Democrats are certain to be befuddled over how to proceed. Damn them.

To judge from initial reports, Miers is 60, single, no kids, no known friends, no hobbies, no favorite color. There are parking meters in Washington that have a higher public profile than Ms. Miers. Had she not appeared on television today, many people would argue that she doesn’t actually exist. Conspiracy theorists will find it mighty suspicious that the person who spent years handling all the paperwork passing onto the president’s desk is now in a position to interpret what is and isn’t a crime in this country. Extreme conservatives will be nervous, partly because being nervous is their chronic condition lately, and partly because they will fear that Ms. Miers may not be a truly zealous footsoldier in the conservative crusade. Liberals will denounce her and say she will destroy the fabric of the republic and bring on the new Dark Ages. –Joel Achenbach

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