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Smile for the cuckoos

Sometimes I don’t post about things because they seem so darned obvious — but it seems that people are not getting the whole Tom DeLay booking photo thing. C’mon people, it’s as clear on the smile on his smarmy face! He quite purposely strode in — well, he make a secret entrance and exit so the press couldn’t see him — and grinned a big Texas corrupt smile, wearing his best suit and Congressional fascist pin. (As an aside, is anyone else tired of all these lapel pins? It puts me in mind of Communist dictators and other groups where it was important to be identified as “a member of the party.” Anyone who wears, say, an American flag lapel pin everyday, everywhere, is trying to make himself out to be a patriot… and is often anything but.)
And why did he pose for such a beautiful picture? To deny his enemies — of which there are plenty — the chance to use that mugshot against him. Who could use that photo in a campaign ad now? I mean, it doesn’t even have those height marks on the wall behind him. It looks for all the world like his official Congressional portrait, and don’t even get into how appropriate it would be to use a booking mug shot for that.
Score one for Tom, he took the wind out of his enemies’ sails there for a bit. But just wait — we’ll get a shot of you ducking out the backdoor of a courthouse soon, covering your face with a file folder and hunched over.


  • You know, Gene, when I saw that booking photo I was struck by the similarity of DeLay’s lapel pin and the Nazi Party pin that German officers and politicos wore during the 30’s and 40’s. It was the first thing I though of when I saw the picture, and I’m glad you saw it too. And since I live in Houston, this story is really big news. No matter what anyone says, Delay IS being treated differently than the usual alleged criminal, and his mug shot is a shameless farce. I bet he won’t look that way a few years from now after some time in prison (I hope). His legal team is trying everything they can do to get him out of this, including trying to get rid of the judge! I’m tired of this guy’s machinations. Somebody please convict him and send him away. Of course, you’ve heard me rant about this sorry excuse for a human being before. Nothing new.

  • If there were a god I would be rubbing my knees raw praying for DeLay humiliated, Rove and Cheney in jail and equally revealed as the lying elitist bastards that they are.


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