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I just got back from a walkthrough of the house, where a horror was uncovered: ants. Not just a few, not a little line marching across the floor (although that was in evidence) — no, upon opening the fridge there was a huge infestation, thousands, perhaps millions, clumped in the freezer. Yes, I’m sure most of them were dead, frozen, but there were plenty more marching in and out. It creeps me out no end, and even though I will be having the place fumigated, I’m not ever gonna want to put any food in that refrigerator. So, I’d better order a new fridge tomorrow.

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  • I hear chocolate covered ants is a tasty treat!

    What’s the problem? Wipe it out, rinse with bleach and continue on. I’m afraid if a few ants in your freezer bothers you so much you’ll buy a new freezer. Then I think you may have bought the wrong house. Clearly the are plenty of ants nearby and as time goes on I suspect you’ll see them in the house.

    Maybe you can get a Myrmecophaga tridactyla for a pet?
    I’m sure Diego won’t mind

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