Just As I Thought

I’m telling you, bizarro world is where they live

Now, here’s a whopper:

Former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), who was instrumental in shaping the highway bill in the House, apologized for its excesses during an appearance on Thursday before the Heritage Foundation.

In a speech to a group of conservative academics and policy experts, DeLay blamed the runaway spending of recent years on minority Democrats.

Emphasis mine. I am laughing my ass off just from the hilarity of DeLay thinking that he can somehow shift the blame to the Democrats, who have been so effectively blocked from power for the last 5 years or so, mainly by Mr. DeLay and his sneaky tactics in Congress.
Somehow, he expects us to believe that the Democrats are responsible for the huge deficit, it was the Democrats who cut taxes and then created the biggest new government department in god knows how long, it was the Dems who pushed through massive spending bills without the knowledge of the Speaker or the Majority Leader, both Republicans.
Ouch! My sides hurt!!

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