Just As I Thought

Winds of change are with us now

Well, here I sit — well, stand actually, since I don’t have any furniture here yet — in the office at my new house, where the internet connection has just been installed. It seems to be working swimmingly, which means that I’ll be moving my server equipment here tomorrow. So, expect error messages when trying to connect to my websites tomorrow.

Today is a weird weather day. Early this morning, the wind was howling as I tried to sleep. This morning I came over to the house to wait for the internet installation, wearing a sweatshirt and turning on the heat as soon as I got here. Now, at 10:30 in the morning, it is bordering on hot outside, and the wind is still whipping by. The forecast is for about 80°.
It almost feels like sci-fi kind of weather, the hot wind and rising temperatures that foretell some great evil about to visit our tiny town…
I wonder if this is the Santa Ana winds I’ve heard so much about?

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