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Bird visitor

There is a large, sad looking pigeon in my backyard. He looks like he might be sick, he is lethargic and just wandering around morosely.
I can only assume that he is at least able to fly short distances, otherwise how would he have gotten into my fenced off backyard?
I keep looking out at him, feeling sorry for him as the clouds burst and rain pours down, he makes his way over to the fence to wait out the rain. I am feeling sorry for him, but at the same time I am hoping against hope that he is not so ill that he will die in my backyard.

Now the rain has stopped, and I opened the back gate, slowly walking around the backyard and moving him toward it. I followed him out to the street, and he’s wandering down the block now. He was holding one of his wings lower than the other, which makes me think that it was injured — although, he was able to fly into my yard.
Am I a horrible person for wanting this potential tragedy to not be my responsibility?

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