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How long will we be scared?

I’ve been tentatively hopeful that the American system is somewhat self-correcting; this feeling has been reinforced lately by the continuing downfall of the Republicans and their attempts to place themselves into power permanently. It almost seems that the founders took into account — and relied upon — the short American attention span.
There is one thing that I am still waiting for people to be sick and tired of, and that’s the ridiculous security that is pouring our money and civil liberties into a great black hole. Just today, the news is that air marshalls (both undercover and obvious) will be in evidence on ground public transportation, gathering intelligence and countering terrorist attacks.
Just as people are beginning to see that the president is not wearing clothes, when will they come to the same conclusion about the over-the-top hysteria about terrorism? I mean, they’ve already lost interest in the color-coded terror level — when was the last time you heard anything about that?
It’s telling that air marshalls have never caught a terrorist. Ever. They have succeeded in shooting and killing a mentally ill man; security of the same sort in the London Underground hasn’t caught any terrorists but has similarly killed an innocent man.

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