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Is anyone counting?

Back in the 1990s, it took almost nothing to convince Republicans to take the almost unprecedented political move of a presidential impeachment. It was an inexcusable vendetta.
Our current president has taken us down roads exponentially worse than perjury about a blow job. He has lied and misled our nation into a deadly war. His administration has presided over the deliberate leak of secret information, with as yet unknown security implications. And now, despite his oath to uphold our laws and Constitution, Bush — if the reports are to be believed — has violated the law and Constitution by authorizing an illegal activity, spying on citizens.
I ask you: after the Clinton impeachment for hiding a sexual affair, don’t you think that any of those Bush incidents deserve impeachment… especially the last one?


  • George W. Bush is a wholesome Christian, so, no, he should not be impeached. W’s never left a cum stain on anyone’s clothes. As a Good Christian, he only likes blood sports.

  • Impeachment for high crimes? I don’t think so…

    I’m thinking more along the lines of a trial as a war criminal and in the manner that is right wing style I say he be beaten, arrested, beaten, drugged, beaten, shackled, beaten, water boarded, beaten again, given a fair trial and then…..
    A fair hanging.

    And because America is a good Christian country and we are all good Christian people and would never dream of mistreating someone in that way I suggest we ship him out of this country to a neutral country like IRAN (if they promise to treat him fairly). And let the trial be held there.

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