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Nothing but repeats on tonight

The White House released advance excerpts from tonight’s Bush speech. Looks like my prediction of the beginnings of a “draw down” won’t materialize. No, the speech looks to be the same old recycled crap that he’s been feeding us for years; although this time his rhetoric will be spewed forth in the face of reality. For example, when he says, “We would abandon our Iraqi friends and signal to the world that America cannot be trusted to keep its word,” I’m going to mutter under my breath, “we already killed 30,000 of our Iraqi friends, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind being abandoned.”
Actually, I’m not going to watch or listen to the speech. I haven’t listened to one in years, his empty rhetoric, slavish adherence to scripted talking points, and achingly bad delivery just make me want to throw things.
For those of you who do listen, do me a favor: count how many times he references September 11 (still), and compare that to how many times he references Osama bin Laden (who’s that?).


  • I haven’t been able to watch any of his speeches. Aside from the lies which make me want to throw things at the TV, just the sound of his voice makes me want to leave the room. I swear, his voice, like fingernails on a chalk board makes me run off screaming after mere seconds. I think if I listened to a whole speech my head would explode.

  • You people need to stop looking at the past. The future is now!

    This coming year, I predict we’ll see at least one election per month in Iraq because elections equal success! Even women can vote, just so long as they wear their beautiful black burkas.

    Hey, even “insurgents” can vote — while wearing their stylish dynamite belts!

    I wonder if an e-commerce website specializing in explosive garments would make money.


    P.S. Where is Osama, by the way?

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