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I’m ashamed of myself now for that last post. Unlike talking to someone in real life, I can take back what I said on the blog just by deleting the entry. But I’ll let it stand as evidence of my lack of compassion for fellow human beings. Adults, anyway.
I tend to find it hard to be sympathetic or compassionate toward a wide cross section of the adult population, especially those featuring on television showcasing their stupidity or lack of common sense. Shows like Jerry Springer or Life in the ER. On the other hand, suffering of the innocent really tears me apart, such as victimized kids or injured animals.
That’s why, after lambasting a morbidly obese man, I went outside to walk the dog — and in the dark, stepped on a snail. Now I’m all upset that I probably killed it, by accident.
I’m just a very tough softie.


  • Having battled my weight all my life, I almost feel sorry for him. Eating can be addictive just like drugs, eating for (obese) people is an emotional expierience. Just ask an over weight friend what their ‘comfort food’ is. Mine’s Chocolate.

    I’ve been fat all my life, I had a few trim years 25-35 where I was a normal weight but the work required to maintain that was too much for me. 4 hours (a day) of exersize and less than 2,000 cal a day. After ten years of it I decided I would rather be fat and enjoy life more. My body wants to be 250 and to try to maintain anything else is a life long struggle.I’m sure he fought that struggle as well.

    I put less of the blame on the man (he doesn’t get off scott free) and give most of the blame to the wife, family and friends. He clearly has emotional problems that he covers up with food, what’s their excuse.

    Bringing plates of food to a bed bound morbidly obese person is the same as putting plates of cocaine in front of a drug addict and saying “He can handle it him self” NO, he can’t and you (the wife) should know better. What she did to him is abuse, plain and simple and she should have been turned in and punished for it.

  • I’ve had weight problems myself for most of my life; and I can understand the emotional problems that lead people — including myself — to substitute food when there is a lack of something else in one’s life.
    Maybe I don’t have an addictive personality, but I just can’t understand how someone can take a certain behavior to such incredible extremes. There have been periods where I topped 200 pounds, which almost always set me thinking about my weight. I can’t imagine ignoring it and continuing such behavior for another FIVE HUNDRED pounds. Of course weight gain happens slowly, but where is point that you realize that you can’t move anymore and need help?

  • I dunno. It’s not like the guy woke up one day and said “damn, I gained 500 pounds last night.” The bottom line is (here comes the right winger in me) that people need to take responsibility for their own state. If there is a medical condition (I’m sure there is) involved then treatment should have been given earlier. It’s also not a case of ignorance, any 10 year old can tell you about proper nutrition (unless of course they’re using that new nutrition scale disaster- he he ).
    Nope, this is really about waiting for some else to take care of you, not doing it yourself.

    I wouldn’t feel bad about what you said at all, as a matter or fact I’d say you were spot on.

  • When you can’t see your belt buckle, anymore — that’s when you know there’s trouble in River City.

    Oh, and why abuse food when there’s all those drugs and alcohol out there?


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