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New Year Predictions

Eugene Robinson makes these rather obvious predictions for 2006:

(1) George W. Bush will continue his bid to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Frequent Use of the Blame-the-Messenger Strategy (Modern Era).” We saw the latest example Friday when the administration reacted to disclosure of its vast domestic surveillance program by launching a Justice Department investigation — not to reexamine the electronic spying itself, which seems to violate the law, but to identify the whistle-blower who brought this practice to light. Next target: Who’s leaking all that unhelpful news from Iraq, such as figures on American casualties and reports of torture by U.S.-trained Iraqi police?

(2) The administration will see steady “progress” in Iraq, even if the new government’s first act is to sign a friendship pact with Iran. This “progress” will allow some U.S. troops to be brought home in the summer and fall. Unfortunately, they will have to be sent right back to Iraq in mid-November, after the midterm election. But who could have foreseen that?

… (9) When the summer hurricanes come to batter Florida and wipe out what little progress has been made on rebuilding the Gulf Coast, the president will give a bold speech full of noble promises. Evacuees from Hurricane Katrina, still in their cramped trailers and temporary apartments, will not applaud.

(10) Americans will suddenly wake up and question the Bush administration about Iraq, about domestic spying, about global warming, about tax cuts. But just then, as the president fumbles for answers, a compelling news event will steal away the nation’s attention.

Hard to believe, but another attractive young white woman will vanish.

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