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It’s been in the works for some time, and this spring it will be a reality — I am officially an executive producer of a CD.
I’m chomping at the bit for it to be out there, this album. It’s a double album by my friend Sara, and trust me, it’s fantastic. I’ve heard it. I play it constantly. And I wish it was out there for you to buy right now.
Sara has her own label, necessitated by a major label shelving her back in the 90s. The major labels are a major pain — they control so much of the music industry from production to distribution, that if you don’t play with them you don’t get shelf space. [Sara sent me this interesting article today, echoing what happened to her in the 90s. She had to raise money from fans and sell her house to buy back her own songs.]
Sara, despite her own perceptions of herself, is a brilliant independent business woman. She manages to press her own CDs and get them on shelves — and she’s leveraging the internet to sell her music. And I think the internet will be the key to her new double album.
One of the songs on the album began life as a blog entry. That night one year ago was auspicious — Sara’s song “Look At Me” was being used on American Idol. Sara wrote a song in a blog entry about being between two days — that point at midnight when you’re living in two days at once. She sat down in front of the computer writing that blog entry, and banged out the lyrics to a song that now, a year later, is recorded, orchestrated, arranged, and mixed — and is suddenly my favorite song. Come this May, the world will hear this toe-tapping, happy song about two days, and I will be indescribably happy to have played some tiny part in bringing it to them.
(By the way: Sara’s been documenting the production of this album on her blog all along. Check it out.)


  • Mostly, the executive producer provides financing, so I have a great incentive to make sure this album is a huge success!

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