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The garage thing again

The winds are picking up and the rain is close — I can feel it. We’re due for a storm tonight, so I put my car into the garage.
Strange but true: I rarely put the car in the garage, even though I have commented before on the California phenomenon of never putting a car there. I did put my car in the garage every day at the rental house, but now that I own a house and a driveway I tend to leave it there in the open. It doesn’t help that my garage was built decades ago and that when I park my car in it, there is only a couple inches to spare. I never realized my car was that long.
Now that the car is stored away, the empty driveway makes it look like I am not home. It seems strangely vacant, especially when everyone else parks their cars on the driveways. I think I might be the only person on the street using the garage for what it was meant to be used for.
It feels weird.

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