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The northwest side of my house has three windows, and these have trellises installed outside them. When I bought the house, there were lavender bushes along this side, and they grew up the trellises providing some privacy for my bedroom windows. Unfortunately, when I had the house fumigated for termites, I had to pull up the bushes — and what was left was killed by the gas.
Today I finally removed what was left on the trellises, leaving the side of my house as a blank slate with pristine trellises waiting for something new — I’ll figure out soon what I want to plant there, but I want to make sure it is something that will grow up the trellises but not stick to the house itself.
For the first time since I moved in, I have sun on that side of the house, coming in to the bathroom and bedrooms, which were always dark previously. True, I don’t have that sense of privacy from the house next door that I had before, but the sun is enticing…
any ideas on what I could plant that won’t completely block out the sun?


  • Plant what ever you want on the side of the house but don’t leave the trellises and don’t use the plants for privacy.

    Plant low bushes or flowers that will not block the sun on the windows and frost the glass on the windows. And I say this for several reasons.

    1. Security
    Any trellises out away from the house may allow enough room for some one to get in behind them and break into the house unseen.

    2.Mold and rot
    Trellises will keep ypur window in the shade at all times, watering plants (and rain) will provide moisture setting the stage for mold and rot which you will not see because it is hidden behind plants.

    1 and 2 go together, if its out far enough to stop #2 then #1 becomes a problem. If its close enough to stop #1 then #2 becomes a problem.

    #3 Heat
    More sun through the windows means less heat you have to pay for on your utility bills.

    #4 Light
    You say “but the sun is enticing…” Yes it is, I agree. And why light a room with lamps when the sun will do it for you?

    #5 Security
    Frosted glass prevents anyone from peeking in while you’re gone (or sleeping) They can’t even see if the window is locked or not.

    More light
    More security
    Smaller utility bills

    Win – Win – Win

    My vote goes to Frosted Glass and no plants.

    ( a stained glass window might work just as well?)

  • Everyone needs a climbing vine- no matter where you put it. Tim’s right, I’d put it next to the window, no directly in front of. Inside the house is where you want plants directly in front of the window.

    The standard answer is the Clematis. http://clematis.org/
    Very easy to take care of and grows quickly in just about any conditions. It even grows here in S. Ill. A great plant.
    But- if you can get away with it, I’d deffinately try the Passion flower. It’s one of the more beautiful flowers you’ll ever see, and (if you’re lucky) produces a very nice fruit. There’s no way it could survive the conditions of S. Ill. so I know very little about what’s involved with its growing, but I’m sure with a little research you could find out for yourself. http://bloompix.com/photo/gallery.php?gid=60&PHPSESSID=6a955978d0ae807e4089a98851aa13f6

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