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Aware but speechless

I’m so depressed about the continuing regressive, illegal, and just plain evil things dripping down from the leaders of my country that I haven’t had the energy to write my usual type of blog entries. Of course, there are plenty of others out there commenting on the stuff spewing from the right wing — the banning of abortion in South Dakota; the looming Iraqi civil war, Iranian threats and the obvious threat that we’ll be going in soon; the Republican efforts to block any sort of investigation into Bush’s illegal domestic spying — and their attempts to retroactively make it legal… there seems to be little end to the horrors.
I am, however, hopeful that one little bit of news will signal a big problem for Mr. Bush: the Republican blocking of the UAE ports deal. Bush, the president who has never used his veto, is actually threatening to use it for the first time to protect a business deal with an Arab government, a government which, by the way, was implicit in the September 11 attacks by way of laundering and distributing money to the terrorists. Your gas pump dollars are what funded that attack, folks.
So, the Republicans in Congress have gotten the message: if you want to be seen as security-minded, you’d better stop this deal because of how it looks to ordinary Americans. Bush, on the other hand, has nothing to lose as a lame duck president — except for the continued favor of Middle Eastern billionaire families who invest so heavily in such Bush family ventures as the Caryle Group.
I’m just saying.

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