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Spring Growth

Yesterday I was elated to see that the leaves are starting to appear on my backyard birch trees; and little buds are appearing on the unidentified tree that looks like a weeping willow. Soon I’ll have little flowers on that tree, and then we’ll see!
Things are growing all over — I decided to end the shaved head experiment, simply because it was too much trouble. Shaving your head every other day is a real chore, and although it was fun while it lasted, I’m not one to waste that much energy. If I got a job, I’d certainly never justify spending a good half hour or more in the shower every other day.
So, the last time I shaved my head was one week ago, and it is coming back nicely — call me Fuzzy Wuzzy. This morning I realized that my new laptop has the built-in iSight camera and the fun little PhotoBooth software, so I snapped a picture of my dome. I’ll do that every day until it grows back, and then we can all laugh at the timelapse of growing hair! Fun, huh?
I’m full of wacky ideas, you know?
This last week has been a departure from my routine — even unemployed people have a routine, from cleaning the house to doing a bit of maintenance — and I have to get myself back on track. I had a lot of disappointments in the last few days, from a kitchen sink clog that won’t go away no matter how much Draino I use, to an oven that doesn’t understand temperatures, to a notice from the IRS that TurboTax did its math wrong and my taxes went up by $1600. I was relying on that tax refund to help pay for this new laptop, so things are depressing… and I still haven’t heard from the TWO states I filed for to see what the damage will be there.
I’m one week behind in getting Sara’s new website finished, and my house is a big mess. I think that today will be a buckle-down, get-it-done day around here. Starting right now. Bye!


  • The trees here in Seattle are in full bloom. People are already needing to mow lawns. Shouldn’t you be having spring before me?

    I stopped using Drano years ago, while helping a plumber friend of mine I found out they use something even better, Hydrochloric acid and you can even buy it in a real plumbing supply store (not a home depot type store). If you think you need to be careful with Drano…..

    Pour in the whole bottle… Whatever is down there is gone!

  • Well, I don’t know about having spring before you, but winter here is a lot different than I’m used to. For instance, about half of the deciduous trees here never lost their leaves at all. I can’t figure out what the reason behind that is. As for lawns, well, we’ve been mowing ours all along, we never stopped. Flowers kept blooming and fruit kept growing. But all the trees on my property DID lose their leaves, and as of now, one is starting to releaf and one is starting to bud.
    Nature confuses me.

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