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The Further Adventures of Harry Homeowner

Between my driveway and the foundation of my house is about an 8 inch wide area, filled with stones. During the last three months, this area has become a veritable garden of grass and weeds, something that startled me since it was pristine and clean in November.


Well, I finished up the website I was working on last night, so I decided to take some time today to clean this out. I figured it would be easy — just rake out the rocks and pull out the weeds. Wash the rocks, make sure the weed-supressant fabric is in place, and then put them back.
It took me nearly three hours and probably 100 gallons of water to get the rocks clean and weed out the plants. I was left with a driveway full of dirt and a huge mound of weeds and grass. Who knew that this would be such a workout?
I can’t wait until I am rich enough to have a team of gardeners working for me.
Still, there’s some satisfaction when the job is done.



  • Ohh, Tim. Right on.
    Gene, Tim and I have spoken. Now if this happens again, do our bidding.

  • No, no, no, if the weeds come back, dig it out again but instead of just putting the rocks back in again pour in about an inch or two of concrete and while the concrete is still wet add the rocks pushing them down a bit so they are anchored in the concrete.

    Problem solved!

  • If the weeds come back again, spray them with some Roundup to kill ’em dead. Then since you’ve establised that something is bound to grow there just to spite you, ya might as well join in and plant some sort of low-growing, creeping plant. Sage could work well and smell awful purdy.

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