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It’s a picoscopic world

Over the years, I’ve used the phrase “it’s a small world” many times in this blog. But the previous catalog of coincidences is nothing in comparison with today’s occurrence. It belongs in the same pantheon as the strange coincidences seen on Lost.
My agent called on Friday to gauge my interest in a long-term job up in Palo Alto. I’d be doing various design and production jobs for a large law firm. I agreed to take a look at the position, and an interview has been scheduled for Wednesday.
It turns out that this is the very same law firm where my friend Julie is a partner.
Julie and I first met back in 1985, when I worked for Engineering Research Associates back in Northern Virginia. We became friends, but she moved to California to change tracks: she started as an electrical engineer, but then went to law school and began practicing in the area of intellectual property here in the Bay Area.
Two decades later, I decided to make a life change and moved here; it was great to see Julie again and renew our friendship — but who knew that twenty years later the possibility exists that I might end up working in the same building again?
The world is far, far, smaller than we thought previously.

[Update, April 11: My agent called this morning to let me know that my interview was canceled — evidently the person who was leaving the position has decided to stay. Probably realized how incredibly difficult the job market is here.]

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