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Divide and conquer

I mean, really.
Does no one know the meaning of that oft-used phrase?
This is how the neo-conservatives manage to control people, by giving them a ready-made enemy. In 2004, it was the homosexual agenda — you know, those people (like me) who dared to expect equal treatment, who dared to expect that they were as human as any other citizen.
Now, it’s immigrants, illegal or otherwise. They’re using the same sort of script, claiming that they make an important contribution to our society, but still subtly pointing out that they are somehow less than human.
And now, George W. Bush, who has been sort of prevaricating about the whole thing, waiting to see how the winds will blow, is going to announce that he is deploying troops along the border with Mexico.
Gee, I wasn’t aware that we had so many troops, what with Iraq and Afghanistan, and the coming war with Iran. Nothing like deploying a few troops on our border to make us all quiver in fear and vote Republican, to save us all from those low-paid workers who mow our lawns and pick our fruit. Welcome to the 2006 election season.

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