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So. Laura Bush has spoken up to defend her man, and in a strangely empty-headed declaration she claims that George’s low job rating is not a reflection on him, but is in fact due to the bad times America is facing now.
It doesn’t seem to occur to her that our bad times are directly related to her husband.
Meanwhile, the pundits say that she is “one of the most popular first ladies of the modern era” (which makes me wonder, what exactly is the modern era? When did this era start? Did someone draw a line after, say, Mary Todd Lincoln and tell the next first lady that she belongs to a new, modern era?). The Washington Post says:

Bush is one of the most popular first ladies of the modern era, according to Gallup Organization polling data, with 82 percent of the public saying in a January survey that they approve of the way she is handling her job.

What job?
Unlike her predecessor in the East Wing, Mrs. Bush has done very little visible work toward anything at all. Of course, Hillary Clinton was vilified for daring to use her position as wife of the president to try to push forward something as ridiculous as health care; so Laura has soared in popularity by keeping her mouth shut, wearing nice outfits, and not changing her hairstyle too often.
It’s quite telling that the wife has more than twice as high a popularity rating and must therefore go out and defend her unpopular disaster of a husband.
Love her hair, though.

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  • I guess if you like your women vacant and Stepford-esque, Laura Bush would be the perfect First Lady. You just know she’s downing Xanax like they’re chicklets.

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