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My MacBook Pro gets really hot, even when just surfing the web. So, I got this little thingy that tells me what the processor temperature is.
I see Apple and Intel’s game: the processor reports its temperature in degrees Celcius. So, as I type this, it is reporting a temp of 65°C, which at first glance seems like a relatively low, safe number.
But do the math, and you realize that 65°c equals a whopping 149°F.
Hmm. Perhaps someone needs to create a different measurement system for other things that are measured, like, say, the budget deficit or the national debt. Preferably a measurement system that changes constantly so that people would have trouble figuring it all out.
For instance, my mortgage company, which has raised the rate on my home equity loan by .25% every month that I’ve had it, could start billing me in pounds sterling, which would result in the much more affordable-sounding £287 per month.
Of course, if they billed my 1st mortgage in, say, Venezuelan Bolivars, my monthly payment would be Be5,010,729.61.

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