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The $400 Steak

Okay, so: take the cost of a new grill (plus two hours to put the thing together), add a container of propane, stir in a grill cover and a set of grill tools and top with a 14 oz steak… and soon, your dinner cost more than $400.
Man, food is really expensive these days.


  • Great looking grill.

    Want to save money?
    Eat steaks again tonight and then they’re only $200 steaks!
    Save 50%

  • One year I bought a pot, dirt and a tomato plant to put on my firescape out the back window of my apartment. It cost $13. I got one tomato.

  • This wasn’t even close to the Mac Daddy grills I saw this weekend at Sears, Home Depot, and Target. This is a BABY.
    But I really didn’t think that I had room for 6 burners, a griddle, a smoker, and a built-in massager.

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