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Paging Dr. Craig, stat

Can it be true? Is it finally happening?
The rumor is gathering steam: St. Elsewhere may finally be headed to DVD for Christmas!
According to TV Shows on DVD:

Fox hasn’t officially announced the first season of St. Elsewhere (and it’s been awhile since we posted the rumor it was coming), but a retailer was kind enough to send us the info for the set. The first season will be released in a 4 disc set (DVD-14s) on December 12. The 22 episodes (1078 mins) will be presented in Full Frame (1.33:1), along with English stereo audio, and mono Spanish (likely with matching subtitles, though we didn’t receive word on those). The set will retail for $39.98 US, or $54.98 CAN.

Now, if we could get Picket Fences out there as well, I’d be entertained for life…

Just as an aside: as you may know, the final episode of St. Elsewhere posited the idea that the entire run of the show had taken place in the imagination of autistic Tommy Westphal. Since St. Elsewhere referenced so many other television programs — which in turn referenced others — this revelation means that a significant number of programs suddenly became figments of a boy’s imagination. Check out this fascinating chart showing the connections between St. Elsewhere and other television series, all now dreams.

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