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George misses Martha

Sad news — Martha, the bald eagle, has gone. She was euthanized yesterday.
Martha and George, her mate, were the unofficial mascots of the Wilson Bridge construction back home in DC. They lived on an island next to the bridge. Earlier in the year, Martha defended her nest against an interloper, resulting in some serious injuries. She was taken to a Delaware wildlife rehabilitation center, which released her in a few weeks. She made it all the way home to DC on her own.
But last Friday, she was discovered in a field, hopping around unable to fly. She was sent back to Delaware, where veterinarians discovered she had dislocated her elbow — evidently, a severe injury that would have never flown again; and because she was a wild creature she could not flourish in captivity.
George and Martha raised 16 eaglets. George is still there, by the bridge.

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