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This is how we become poor

Go to Target for a few plants — in this case, checking to see if poppies are back in the nursery since last year’s are just about dead. Good news! They have a few poppies, so they go into my cart.
And then there are all manner of carved pumpkins, skeletons, electronic animated ghouls, goblins, and floating heads in bubbles… bendy spiders and fog machines, gravestones and skulls… I mean, how can I resist the urge to make my house into a haunted one for Halloween?
I managed to escape with only a small pumpkin and a groovy fanged skull for the front flower bed; I already have a fog machine that I bought last year on clearance at a party store (only $10!). I passed up the lightning and thunder generator, the animated gravestone, and the very amusing illuminated hands that appear to be digging their way out of the grave.
I wish I had a million dollars, because my house would be a blast, with projected ghosts everywhere and animatronic ghouls… the Haunted Mansion right here on my own street.

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