Just As I Thought

And… relax

Well, I can’t really relax yet, but the current horror is over — except for the broken mirror in my bedroom and the various places where the carpet isn’t tacked down right, but I’ll be on the phone complaining about that soon.
But for now, I can sit back and admire the end result of all the painting, trashing, and other slogging of the last few weeks. Here’s my living room from a week ago:


And here’s what it looks like this afternoon:




Now, I don’t think I’ve ever shown you what my home office looks like, but it used to be a room so filled with junk, paper, cables, discs, and other assorted detritus that you couldn’t even see the floor. Two weeks of trashing, junking, and cleaning has resulted in this:


I’m going to take a couple of hours and just sit. Maybe order a pizza. Whatever I do, I’m not going to clean anything, move anything, or do any work at all. I think I’ve earned it.

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