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Being Fuelish

Take a look at my new, California-friendly, vehicle.

I’ve had a Prius for six years. First the original model in 2000; then in 2003 my “Pioneer” status got me in line to pick up the new version.
It was fun being an early adopter and I felt like I was part of a small club. But the Prius has proliferated and now they’re everywhere. Prius Multitudimus. It really takes the fun out of it, although I’ve very happy that they’ve caught on so well.
Anyway, here I am in California, where it is sunny 300 days out of the year, driving a sedan.
Until today.
Take a look at my new, California-friendly, vehicle.

I feel bad for my Prius, she is sitting in the driveway lonely, and I wish I could keep both cars to avoid hurting her feelings.
Of course, I’ve just destroyed my green credentials, the roadster gets half the mileage of the Prius. But hey — I’ve been driving green vehicles for the last six years, so I feel like I’ve offset my future pollution. And the Prius will go to a new family and continue to be environmentally friendly.

Dammit, I just want to have some fun. Is that so wrong?


  • If you can’t have fun in life, what’s the point in living?

    The Audi TT convertible, oops, cabriolet, is a wonderful car and will provide you with many smiles per gallon.

  • I think you can trace this all back to the Fiat Bertone of your youth. Probably some sort of Freudian “anything Mom can do I can do better” thing.
    Or, you just realized that it’s a freakin’ sweet-ass car. Makes ya look better too.

    Now I want one.

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