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The Last Decent Man?

I sometimes think that Gerald Ford was the last decent Republican president — in terms of just plain humanity. He was open and honest; and while he did not really make a mark legislatively, he did preside over the end of the Vietnam war and have the courage to pardon Richard Nixon, sparing the country the divisive circus that was sure to erupt. He also appointed John Paul Stevens to the Supreme Court, who became a voice of moderation — sometimes liberally so — on the court.

Still, looking back at the Ford era one can see the early underpinnings of the current culprits in the White House. Witness the ascension of two young politicos named Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Cheney, both to serve as Ford’s chief of staff.

When searching the Ford library for appropriate photographs, the duality was clear: the photo above speaks volumes today; but I chose something more sentimental for today’s banner.


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