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We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time

As the midday oath-taking got underway in the Senate, Vice President Cheney began swearing in senators in groups of four on the Senate floor.

The first time I read that, I could have sworn that it said “Cheney began swearing at senators.”
I’m certain that he was at least swearing under his breath each time he administered the oath to another Democrat.
So, it begins — the day we’ve waited for, the day that proves that people eventually turn on despots in power and the American system manages to persevere and the worm turns… the cycle flips again and the opposition comes into power, but unfortunately they have to spend all their time cleaning up the mess that was left behind.
As skittish as I am about Nancy Pelosi’s plan to shut out the Republicans — which, frankly, they deserve — I can’t wait to see what the Dems can accomplish in the first 100 hours and how the right will react.
The resignation today of Harriet Miers just sweetens the deal; the list of rats deserting the White House is growing, but Karl and Dick and Dubya are still there, so things aren’t all that much better yet.
Still, I’m going to savor this day. The beginning of the long process in turning the ship around.

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