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What the White House IS successful at: shifting blame

“I want the Iraqis to succeed.” “We need to help the [Iraqi] government to stop the violence.” “The American role is to help them.”
The language has now changed, in that inimitable Republican way, to make it seem like everything that’s happened in Iraq is the Iraqi’s fault. Every time the White House talks about Iraq, they carefully shift the burden to the Iraqi government, making it sound as if that “government” asked the U.S. in to help them; rather than the U.S. causing all this insanity. Every carefully parsed word is designed to give the impression that the American presence there is akin to UN Peacekeepers, like the troops are there to “backup” Iraqi forces.
The Iraqis must do this, the Iraqis must do that… yes, this is all the Iraqis’ fault. Of course.

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  • Well they have to blame someone.

    Blaming the Democrats didn’t work so they picked a new target. No doubt based on the facts the Iraqis don’t have the ability or the resourses to tell us Americans the truth.

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