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This curve goes the wrong way

This may be a Memorial Day that George Bush will want to forget. You see, when one takes a day to honor our nation’s war deaths, an accounting usually follows. And the accounting of deaths in Bush’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan are disconcerting and going in the wrong direction.

  • 2003: 251
  • 2004: 947
  • 2005: 1,848
  • 2006: 2,755
  • First 5 months of 2007: 3,832

These numbers, more than anything else, put the lie to the Bush administration’s continual optimism and cheerfulness in the face of a horrifically wrong decision.
A few choice quotes from the president today that rubbed me the wrong way:

“As before in our history, Americans find ourselves under attack and underestimated. Our enemies long for our retreat. They question our moral purpose. They doubt our strength of will.”
“This is our country’s calling. It’s our country’s destiny.”

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