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At least it wasn’t an education speech

Just saw this on the news…

I hope she doesn’t decide to call herself “The Education Candidate.” And how ironic that in the computer capital of the nation, Silicon Valley, someone was too lazy to use spell check.


  • I think that you may be missing the point here. Hillary is obviously concerned about outsourced tech jobs having nearly destroyed Silicon Valley. Thus as an inspiring example, she has pledged to find new employment for ex-Tomorrowland Mission Control head, Tom Morrow. I’m sure that you recall that his job was recently outsourced to a lukewarm pizza joint.

    Hooray for new jobs! Mind you, “Proofer” might be a good one with which to start.

  • so it should read “New Jobs 4 Tommorrow” right? Oh, wait….

  • I, as a compulsive proofreader, would have been obsessed with that. On the other hand, I find her overly-sculpted eyebrows to be equally disturbing.

    Hillary has become way too Stepford-candidate-ish, and she kind of gives me the creeps. I want Gore!

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