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It’s a small Mac world

So, I was perusing the various Mac news sites this morning as usual, and came across the MacTech 25, a listing of the most influential people in the Mac community… and the very first person on the list is Aaron Hillegass. And when I read that name and saw that picture, something went “Guh?” in my head: I went to high school with Aaron Hillegass, and he looks exactly the same except for the long hair and cowboy hat. ::grin::
The Mac had just arrived on the scene when I graduated high school in 1985, and I used one for various little graphics jobs in the yearbook and for our school’s big “Jefferson Day” promotions. When Aaron graduated two years later, he was obviously on the cutting edge and went on to found Big Nerd Ranch. Congratulations, Aaron!

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  • Never met the guy but I’m sure he’s done more with his life than I’ll ever do with mine. Also, I’m sure he’s nice, kind and all that stuff as well.
    With that being said- what is with that f**king hat? I mean really, who wears those? And is he SO powerful that no one has the nuts to tell him how silly he looks in it? Was he on some sort of archeological dig just prior to this photo? Nope, he was probably in front of a monitor.
    Please, just stop with the hat.
    Oh, and congratulations on all the accomplishments and stuff.

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