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Nothing new to report

Well, that’s misleading, because of course there are new things to report elsewhere — a tornado alert back home in DC leading to evacuation of the Mall just hours before the fireworks; the release of Alan Johnston in Gaza; cable companies planning a rate hike on set-top boxes just as the market for them was deregulated; and perhaps most interesting of all, Al Gore III arrested after he was pulled over doing 100 in his Prius (and you thought they weren’t fast!) with pot and a bunch of meds.
But here, nothing much. Spent the day working — yes, it’s a holiday, but money is tops on the priority list. Now I’m spending some time playing around with the latest obsession, creating new versions of my websites for iPhone.
Just tweaking, really, because it works fine with what I have (with the exception of the ancient and decrepit g-world… someday I’ll get around to renovations there). But I’m more interested in slimming down and optimizing sites so that they load relatively quickly over the pokey EDGE network. Case in point, this very blog page. If you came here on an iPhone, you automatically (well, as of today) get a slimmed-down, less-graphic version without all the sidebar stuff and with special smaller graphics. Ah, the magic of templates and CSS means that I don’t have to actually create separate content or anything.
My other sites will just have new CSS skins on them for iPhone, but the content won’t actually change — it’ll just move around a bit.
Early this morning I tried to create a Quicktime reference movie system so that different resolutions would be delivered depending if the viewer was on EDGE or not. For some reason, the reference movie wouldn’t work correctly. I’ll try again later.
I’m feeling particularly geeky at the moment.
Must be the heat.

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  • Well, the pot was probably organic and the meds were a result of the pharm. companies.
    Damned conservatives, at it again.

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