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Home again, home again, jiggety jog

Here I am, back in San Jose after a looooong week back in DC. Every time I make that trip, my comfort level in calling San Jose “home” grows a bit. I really miss my family, but I am reaching a point now where I want to stay in San Jose no matter what happens — I was struck by the, well, unfriendliness of people back in DC, the horrific traffic at all hours of the day, the two million people on the Metro, and the humidity that made it difficult to walk only a few blocks. Here in San Jose, I can walk for miles without a problem, in DC just going three or four blocks left me winded and sweaty.

It wasn’t all hellacious: DC Shorts was great! Almost completely flawless, thanks to an amazing group of staff and volunteers who kept everything running smoothly. I was personally gratified that the projection system I devised worked without a hitch — more on this later, it was really cool.

Judging was insanely difficult — every single film presented was worthy of an award, so picking 8 or 9 was a struggle, and we waffled back and forth for a few days.

I was running around keeping an eye on things so I really only got to go to one party; that was a blast! It was in the super-secret Gibson Guitar showroom, hidden away near Verizon Center where artists can shop for guitars in peace. Drank copiously and had fun, knowing that I wouldn’t be drinking or having fun the rest of the time!

Time was so short, though. I didn’t have a chance to spend more than a few hours here and there with family. Had a great time one night playing with my sister’s Wii videogame and whomped them bowling. I really have to get one of these things; although I have a feeling it won’t be nearly as entertaining without a bunch of people to play with.

More later, including a few pictures — one of which was both amusing and kind of sleazy from the airplane… how’s that for a teaser?

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  • Sigh. Yeah DC (especially in the summer) sucks doesn’t it? I was spoiled in my commute by my noon-9 hours on the previous job: the Metro was never crowded. Now I am packed in with the other rush-hour sardines. Though there is more scenery…

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