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This website is now out of the closet

For years, my webserver has lived quietly in the closet of my spare bedroom. Until this morning.
I feel like it is a child that’s gone off to college. It now lives at a professional data center somewhere in Santa Clara, in a secure undisclosed location accessed by a hand print. The little Mac mini is sitting in a cage with a bunch of other servers, network appliances, and whatnot. The room is very loud, has rows and rows of racks, huge cables and thousands of wires.
I felt rather bad leaving it there, all alone in a cage, like it was a pet that I took to the pound.


  • You can find prices for co-location, generally speaking, on the various websites for co-los. It varies wildly depending on what kind of configuration you use and how much bandwidth you want.
    I am sharing space with someone who very generously offered me this opportunity, so I will demur from answering on the grounds that it wouldn’t be representative of the true cost because I am only paying a percentage share of the total.

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