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Where is the Halloween etiquette these days? Am I just an old fogey?
As my neighbor and I handed out candy — standing outside with big bowls and doling it out to whomever we encountered on the street regardless of how many times they walked by — we wondered about the rules governing this annual sugar extortion.
For instance, when do you close the shop? 8pm? 9pm? 10?
What is the policy on costumes or the lack thereof? I mean, more than once some teen came slouching along wearing a plain old hoodie and holding a pillowcase. Nice effort there, pal.
And what about the time-tested “trick or treat!” Evidently there are now politically-correct people who believe that children shouldn’t make this threat, that they should simply say “Happy Halloween” instead of injecting a little bit of scary but good-natured threat into the evening.
I decided that 8:30 was the cut off time, mostly because I had then run out of candy and the street was empty. When the knock came at the door around 9:30 and I opened it to find a gaggle of young teens I had to inform them that I was out of candy.
And being the fogey that I am, I had to ask them: “Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

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  • Wow, for someone who says he doesn’t like Larry David, this post almost sounds like a capsule summary of a second season episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” entitled “Trick or Treat”! You even have the trademark Larry David “cut off” discussion! Wow, spooky grin!

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