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Christmas Creep

It started when I saw Christmas decorations on sale at Target in September. At the beginning of November, the same shopping center was bedecked with garland and ribbon, which would have been bad enough in December since it is festooning palm trees and evoking snow in a place where no one ever needs snow tires and Christmas day is generally in the 60s.
Perhaps I’m just in a Scrooge-like mood these days, but I kind of wish that Christmas didn’t become a three-month ordeal.
That said, when do you think I should put up the blog Christmas decorations? I feel like I should have done it a month ago.

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  • I’m of the day-after-Thankgiving school of thought. When I was a kid, that’s when we’d put up decorations at our house, so it’s become the time when it feels right for me. (That said, I’ve been known to hum Christmas tunes at any time of year. “Oh the weather outside is frightful…” Ahem, sunny and high of 61!)

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